Credo YoungReporters

Children and young people don't want to be instructed but challenged. My journalistic academies for young people are tailored for special occasions. They connect a basic understanding of journalistic work with result-oriented trying.

Concept YoungReporters

There are planners, there are doers, and there are spotlight hogs.
But often it is the silent observer who is able to bring out the true core.

The concept of YoungReporters is to be understood as a workshop programme that accompanies a music project or music festival. The title combines youth of the participants with reportage, the supreme discipline in journalism. The project is all about observing, feeling, discovering and exploring music and its development process.

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Vita - Julia Kaiser

Julia Kaiserborn 1974. lives in Berlin.

since 2003 freelance radio journalist for Deutschlandradio Kultur, RBB, Deutschlandfunk, NDR, WDR, MDR and other public broadcasting companies. Writes portraits and reportages for Berliner Morgenpost, Change, Fonoforum. Topics: music, music theatre, arts and zeitgeist, culture for children.

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