Concept YoungReporters

There are planners, there are doers, and there are spotlight hogs.
But often it is the silent observer who is able to bring out the true core.

The concept of YoungReporters is to be understood as a workshop programme that accompanies a music project or music festival. The title combines youth of the participants with reportage, the supreme discipline in journalism. The project is all about observing, feeling, discovering and exploring music and its development process.

YoungReporters addresses to young people between 11 and 18 years, who don't necessarily play music themselves, but are talented observers, interested in learning about the preparations for a concert or rehearsal as reporters, as well as in trying out how to interview the performing artists, announcing a concert or even writing a review afterwards.

The young participants learn about necessary journalistic methods within hands-on oriented workshops, e.g. how to work on a research and to be appropriately prepared, they try out journalistic genres such as reports, interviews, portraits, features and reviews.

The journalistic work can be done in the „backstage-area", or „in public", e.g. doing an interview that has been prepared in the workshop can take place on stage after a rehearsal.

The workshops are being held by Julia Kaiser, a professional journalist and experienced media trainer from Berlin. Her concept has been practised at international film festivals as the Berlinale and various chamber music festivals as Kammermusikfest Lockenhaus, Spannungen, Festspielfrühling Rügen or Ultraschall Berlin for years, but also with youths from a township in South Africa.

The main focus of the workshops is how to work within an "editorial team", but also to support personal development of interests and skills of the individual participants.

The results of these workshops are either presented on a project-related website, in a cooperating newspaper or in a festival print. In the end, each participant should hold at least one text in his hands, written and edited all by himself, printed in a professional layout.

YoungReporters encourages young participants to be curious and open minded but at the same time respectful towards music and artists and their skills, which demand passion and enthusiasm as well as organising abilities and hard work. To discover this is the most important requirement for becoming a good culture journalist.

It is never too early to try it out.